Spring Roasted Rainbow Carrots

DSC_0522Yes, it’s true!  I dare say that Spring has shown it’s bashful head yesterday and definitely this morning, here on the east coast! Yay!  It was pouring rain, sleeting, and yes, even snowing again, 2 days ago.  But today, I woke to sunshine and it’s even warm enough for a run! [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Morning Glory Zucchini Bread

GF Zucchini BreadSince this has been the winter that just won’t end, I have decided to conjure up some cooking that reminds us of summer.  Our dearest friends invited us to Martha’s Vineyard one summer, and we fell in love with it.  It’s a special place with gorgeous beaches, seafood galore, and fantastic memories with some awesome people.  Our favorite thing is the day long beach BBQ, where each family brings a huge cooler of foods and drinks.  The kids are running around in herds, swimming, building sand castles, clamming- basically anything beach related.  Food abounds and drinks and music are flowing.  It’s truly heaven on earth.   One stop we always make, before getting to said friends house, we like to stop at Morning Glory Farm.  It’s a market located right on a family farm.  They have the bounty of the summer at your fingertips, as well as, some interesting baked goods, a juice bar, and other foods, all with a healthy, organic lifestyle in mind.  We absolutely, always purchase at least 2 zucchini breads!  1 for my kids, so I won’t be embarrassed when they inhale the zucchini bread we brought as a “gift” hello and the other as the gift one (which my kids still eat most of that).  

The Original Morning Glory Zucchini Bread*  is soooo good, but has a lot of sugar (2 cups!), so I started thinking I bet it would still taste just as good without so much sugar.  Then, I went one step further.  I bet I could make this gluten-free, and substitute the vegetable oil with coconut oil.  I have been experimenting more and more, ever since The Clean cleanse I did, with how to cut down on the sugar and add in a healthy fat.  Also, trying gluten-free flours to see if there is one that is not too dry or gooey. [Read more…]

Ski Vail & Eat in Vail

 We just returned from our Spring Break with the kids.  It’s one of our favorite things to do with them and this year was special because we actually all skied together- a first for our family.


Skiing with the family is always fun & always an adventure.  One year, we got this ratchet stomach bug, which literally had all of us sick.  Even our babysitter!  I’ll leave the gory details out, but suffice it to say I lost 5 lbs. in 1 week and I hadn’t done that since I was in college!!  But it doesn’t stop us from wanting to come back each year.  There are all these beautiful spots in town- here under “the covered bridge”. [Read more…]

The “Best” Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Best CCC fixedThis may sound ridiculous, but it’s true!  These are really the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!  At least in this family over here!  Years ago, when I was a kid I would make the traditional Tollhouse cookies on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  They went down without a problem-trust me, but they were, in my experience, not always consistent.  Of course, I did not know anything about letting butter sit out or what “creaming butter and sugar together” actually really meant.  No one had shown me.  Then one year, when I was in a cookbook club, I ordered a cookbook just about cookies- The All-American Cookie Book, and it had a “better version” of the Tollhouse cookie.  I still refer to it today to make most cookies or to compare to other recipes.  But, that was the first time I realized why my cookie would taste different than say, a bakery’s chocolate chip cookie.  This post was really created years ago, in my head, I just didn’t know it!

So, I dug around, about a year ago, on the web and found that I was not the only one on a perfect chocolate chip cookie mission!  They were literally tons of opinions on how it should be done.  Well this is mine…♥.  Please note:  This is, admittedly, a very high-maintenance recipe!! Sorry!   I usually try to simplify things here on my blog, but this one is so worth the extra ingredients and time.  It truly is a labor of love.  When you bite into this cookie, still slightly warm from the oven, with ribbons of semi-sweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate perfectly folded into a chewy, soft center, and just slightly crispy edge…ok seriously, you just have to do it!! So worth it! DSC_0455

[Read more…]

The Corner Pantry


This is such a great spot located in the Falls Village (b/t Lake & Falls Rd.)  I think they will do well.  They just opened on Feb. 14th, so I loved that.  The owners are young and clearly have great vision.  The decor is fresh and clean, with subway tiles and sleek stainless steel accents, a plus for Baltimore.  The food has hints of British flare, but with an American twist.  I loved the food here, and it falls right in line with my clean eating!  They have a salad bar, that they serve for you, and it has all the healthy mixings.  Chopped egg, slivered almonds or pecans, steamed broccoli, avocado, you name it, it’s there.  As well, they have a “hot” area where you add what you want, place it in a container, and you pay by weight.  They had small salmon pieces you could add to a spinach, or kale caesar salad.  I thoroughly enjoyed a chickpea salad with turmeric and just the ever so perfectly added, lemon zest.  I actually have not stopped thinking about it!  Also, I had a pistachio crusted tofu that was just as tasty.  In addition to the grab and go section, they have a nice menu of sardines (or sandwiches, as we americans call them).  I plan to go back for a second visit, to try the fresh juices (the Pimm’s cup looks amazing) or a smoothie.  I know it’s in its infant stage, but I thought why not share this great little gem- also, if not help to promote a new business that I think deserves to do well.  ♥

Raw Cacao Balls

Raw Cacao balls sc

Of course, some of you are just getting to know me, and it looks like I only prefer vegan dishes.  But I do swear, I will post some of my “sinful” stuff eventually.  I’m having such fun with this clean eating, that recipes keep popping up in my head.  Until then, this is such a great alternative to that chocolate craving that happens in the afternoon (at least for me, that is :)).  I was given this treat by my neighbor, who is totally raw, about 4 years ago.  I can say that for me, “Raw” would not work, but I know many people who live this way and are quite satisfied.   I enjoy my warm chocolate chip cookies from the oven or a good steak on the grille.  I don’t eat like that all day every day, but I can’t imagine life without it.   I like good food-period!   [Read more…]

Vegan Carrot & Leek Soup

It’s still cold here (damn!), so the warm soups are still on the list.  As I mentioned before, I started a new cleanse, read the post here, and their website has really great recipes.  Although, the directions and ingredient list did not always pair up.  No worries, though, because that’s where I could improvise.  This soup is so easy and quick!  You can literally make this in under 10 minutes and it’s fantastic!  My kids kept eating mine! This is all you need: [Read more…]