About Me

This blog was really born out of a love I have for food.  All kinds really!  I have experimented with practically everything out there: asian, comfort foods, sweet, savory, raw, vegan, gluten-free (is my latest one to play with).  I try to implement my nutritional knowledge into my meals everyday.  I choose mostly organic (when it’s available), but if it’s not visually appealing I will pick conventional foods.  I buy local, in-season foods and cook accordingly.  I am by no means vegetarian, vegan, or raw, but I am slowly incorporating more of those meals in my daily life.  Sometimes I just really crave a good burger!  I’ve been known to cook according to my mood (i.e. PMS brownie’s).  I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and the wife of my best friend!  I am an acupuncturist by trade, so I take seriously, the seasons and the time of year, when I will cook a specific food. I hope to inspire you to take the time to make your own foods.  I will put my quick spin, when I can, on certain meals and will also suggest accompaniments when it fits.  Let’s get cooking!

About Pics