My Glo-ing Green Smoothie

Glo-ing Green Smoothie

I first heard about the “glowing green smoothie” from the book The Beauty Detox Diet by Kimberly Snyder.  I thought there was no way I could drink/eat this smoothie she created.  I made it in my regular blender…somewhat chunky…bits & pieces got stuck in my teeth, but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  Flash forward 2 months into drinking this smoothie and it quickly became one of my favorite quick breakfast favorite or snack.  It really does give you an energy boost and when paired with some of my Almond Crunch Craisin Oatmeal you are starting  your day off great!


I’ve been asked many times about a Vitamix blender so here you go…

Here’s my 2 cents on a Vitamix blender:  I literally pondered buying this tool for about 5 years!! It’s an investment for sure, but I have been beyond pleased with my results in the kitchen.  Yes, I mainly use it for smoothies.  The results it yields are impressive.  It can pulverize anything into a creamy consistency.  The one I have, has a numbered setting ranging from 1-10, so I have made hummus, salsa, diced potatoes for a hash, finely ground my flax seeds or almonds.  I am trying out soup this winter season and will post about it as it happens.  If you are a serious kitchen cook and are invested in your healthy eating, I highly recommend it.  If you only make smoothies once in a while maybe not so much.


Ingredients for Glo-ing Green Smoothie  adapted from The Beauty Detox Diet

** All ingredients should be organic and thoroughly washed.  You must always wash all of your ingredients, even when marked organic!  There are a lot of hands that touch your foods why not wash those germs off?  Make a purchase in a veggie/fruit wash preferably “without the citrus” because it imparts its flavor on the vegetables.


Serves about 3-4 healthy sized glasses

6 Romaine lettuce leaves, chopped & thoroughly washed

2 full handfuls of Lacino (aka dinosaur Kale) Kale, stems removed

2 handfuls of spinach

About 8oz. of plain coconut water

Juice of 1 lemon ( try to find a meyer lemon- sweet & tart at the same time!)

2 celery stalks

1/2 large cucumber, washed

1 Honeycrisp Apple (or your choice of a sweet/tart apple)

Start by washing all the ingredients.  After washing thoroughly,  add all your leafy ingredients with the coconut water & lemon juice.  Once liquified, add the bulky items.  Apples, celery stalks, & cucumber.  Again pulverize, until liquified. Drink a full glass!



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