The Cleanse Results

As I posted last time, I started a new cleanse.  It’s called the Clean Program and it’s a 21-day program of which I have mostly kept to for the now 19 days I have been on it.  You can’t drink any alcohol, coffee, or sugar as well, you have to adhere to a strict mostly veggie and fruit diet with 2 shakes a day.  This is really part of the reason I was unable to really cook anything good to show you while I was going thru the first week and half of it.  And I say mostly kept it, because my 45 birthday came in the middle of it, and well…drinks had to be done (but I kept it to vodka with soda and lime). 

Read the manual to see how it works.  You basically have a shake for breakfast, a full lunch with the allowed foods, and a shake for dinner.  You don’t have to purchase the kit if you don’t want to, from the company, but it probably would be easier.  I chose to do it with a combination of Raw Fit for Life and the SunWarrior shake brands.  Just because I like/need variety in my diet. Also, I read the list of supplements to take, purchased what I didn’t have, and that was it.  You could easily start this in 1 day if you want to.   


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Update my Whereabouts

I owe those who follow me an apology.  I dropped off my blog for a bit and without any explanation and that’s really not cool.  I mean, I should at least communicate you might not hear from me for awhile.    The winter has been brutal here on the east coast.  I mean, storm after storm, apparently almost 40 inches more than we’ve had in, like, forever. Or some say 50 years!IMG_5536 IMG_5527 IMG_5510

Which leads to a lot of the above! ;).   A lot has been going on though…I turned 45!!! (Yikes!!) ,  got a small reprieve in Turks and Caicos and got to soak in the sun- Thank GOD!  Here’s a little something for my crew that’s still covered in white. [Read more...]

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

showcase cauliflower soup

Living on the east coast lately, has meant you’re basically cold on some part of your body all day.   Whether it’s your fingertips, feet or even your butt! (as it is in my case, which I totally don’t understand).  It’s just damn cold out there, and since I really don’t want to fatten myself up anymore than I already have this winter, soups are such a fantastic way to keep warm and eat a lot of veggies.  I originally was given this recipe by my sister’s friend.  The original recipe called for some butter and some cream, which I opted to leave out to cut the fat content down, but basically it’s the same.  I also added some thyme at the end to give it a fragrant taste.   DSC_0803

It’s really a simple and easy soup.  Thoroughly wash your leeks, since they are grown thru the soil, there can be a lot of dirt in between each layer.  While you’re roasting the cauliflower and garlic, you sauté your leeks in a pan to soften them up a bit…Caul tri pic

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Lunch for one? Thank you!

showcase cauliflower soup

Somehow by living in Maryland, I entered this “polar vortex” which basically  means to me that I am constantly now cold!  It’s rare that I have a house that is quiet and I can take time for me.  Usually I’m rushing from one school activity or nurse’s office to get someone.   I was hungry for a quick lunch and thankfully I had things already made on hand.  I didn’t want to do my usual eat, stand and dash routine and luckily I had some things on hand- cauliflower soup- yes, will post next.  Some argula, roasted beets, toasted pine nuts and my meyer lemon vinaigrette.  

I wanted grilled cheese, but just didn’t have the time.  I cut up some crusty bread, put a couple of thin slices of truffle cheese(so indulgent, I know!) , stuck it in the toaster and joila´,  I had the perfect lunch just for me! DSC_0885

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette
Yields 2
Bright & flavorful dressing
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 2 Meyer Lemons, juiced and seeds strained out
  2. zest from one of the lemons
  3. 1 tsp. honey
  4. 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  5. 1/2 c. olive oil
  1. Add all the ingredients together in a blender or small food processor, except the oil. Once incorporated, slowly add a small stream of the olive oil with the blender still running. It will start to emulsify, which really just means thicken. Once the desired consistency is achieved your done!
  1. You want it to be salad dressing, pourable.
  2. Put it on your favorite salad! I love it on arugula or kale salad.
Mimi's In The Kitchen


Vegan Lentil & White Bean Soup…and not.

PicMonkey Collage- lentil soupI went a little bi-polar.  Really.  It all started when I went to a get a Healing Restorative Treatment that I read about in the recent Baltimore Style magazine.  (←you can read about it)  It was at the spa in the  semi-new Four Seasons-Baltimore.  Side Note: Mostly growing up in Baltimore, I have seen such a tremendous shift in the quality of what Baltimore city has to offer.  It’s been amazing to see the changes thru the years.

I was feeling so relaxed, clean, and rejuvenated all at the same time.  I went down to the coffee shop to get something healthy, opting for what I thought was a vegetarian lentil soup.  It came out with lentils, beans, tasteless, flavorless and pieces of beef!  Not at all what I had wanted, but I was beyond starving so I ate it anyway.  I couldn’t wait for something else. The good news is that it led to this post!  It was a good idea all around, but it needed some help. (I should’ve Instagramed it, but I’m still learning here).  Initially I thought this would be so much better as a vegan only dish.  I could see and taste how it should be…adding the kale and the cippolini onions.  It all came to me in a flash.  I went to buy the ingredients and passed by the meat counter at this quality store I like to visit and the next version popped in my head.  This could be fantastic with spicy choirizo sausage.  Both versions, to me, were equally as good.  See, I went a little bi-polar on this post! bipolar lentil soup

One, of course, is Vegan and for those who love a good spicy Chorizo sausage, a meat version!  This soup is pretty quick to make, provided you follow the quick tips.  If you opt to make a vegetarian stock you will have to add more time obviously, but I found that a box of vegetarian stock is just perfect! [Read more...]

Cider Roasted Brussel Sprouts

CRBS showcase picThese little buggers really do have a bad rap.  People seem to have a strong aversion to them and I do understand…They tend to get a little stinky when cooking.  I usually go the savory route (olive oil & garlic) with these, but recently when the Hubs and I were out to dinner we had a version of this.  They were delicious except they had drenched them in oil-eeww! I mean, literally, you would pierce it with your fork and oil would come gushing out.  CBS1 [Read more...]