Remember these??


I have seriously collected thousands of recipes over my many years.  Age Alert: I know I’m divulging my age, but I used to clip out recipes of the Wednesday newspaper (what’s that you say??)  when I was a kid! YIKES! So when I actually saw the “Card Catalog”  at Nordstroms I had to take a quick pic because I just started cracking up! Those of you who know what this is will appreciate it.  My children have no idea why I’m laughing right now ;).  This gave me an idea to take some of those old recipes and start to remake them and adjust them accordingly, if needed.  As I start this blog, I hope that I will give you inspiration and a love of food that I guess I inherited from my Grandmothers (on both sides) and family.  As I travel, I will post pictures that inspire as well and will hopefully reignite my photography abilities I once had as a college student.

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