The “Best” Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Best CCC fixedThis may sound ridiculous, but it’s true!  These are really the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!  At least in this family over here!  Years ago, when I was a kid I would make the traditional Tollhouse cookies on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  They went down without a problem-trust me, but they were, in my experience, not always consistent.  Of course, I did not know anything about letting butter sit out or what “creaming butter and sugar together” actually really meant.  No one had shown me.  Then one year, when I was in a cookbook club, I ordered a cookbook just about cookies- The All-American Cookie Book, and it had a “better version” of the Tollhouse cookie.  I still refer to it today to make most cookies or to compare to other recipes.  But, that was the first time I realized why my cookie would taste different than say, a bakery’s chocolate chip cookie.  This post was really created years ago, in my head, I just didn’t know it!

So, I dug around, about a year ago, on the web and found that I was not the only one on a perfect chocolate chip cookie mission!  They were literally tons of opinions on how it should be done.  Well this is mine…♥.  Please note:  This is, admittedly, a very high-maintenance recipe!! Sorry!   I usually try to simplify things here on my blog, but this one is so worth the extra ingredients and time.  It truly is a labor of love.  When you bite into this cookie, still slightly warm from the oven, with ribbons of semi-sweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate perfectly folded into a chewy, soft center, and just slightly crispy edge…ok seriously, you just have to do it!! So worth it! DSC_0455

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