Brown Butter Fiori Cookies

BB fiori cookies

I had a thought this morning and it morphed into one of my better cooking ideas.  After the holidays and all the heaviness of what had transpired-into my gut- I was looking for something refreshing.  I glanced at a cooking catalogue and was reminded of a product I had bought awhile ago.  And by “awhile”- I mean a year! It was Fiori di Sicilia extract.  It’s a citrus-vanilla extract that is commonly found in Penattone (an Italian dessert that my mom happens to love!) and is everywhere for the holidays. 

Fiori di Sicilia

So I thought, I have to make something with this…holidays…cookies.  Duh, use it in a sugar cookie recipe!  It had to be a rich and decadent sugar cookie, though to balance and contrast the flavor of the Fiori.  So here’s what I came up with…I’m quite proud, I must say. [Read more...]