The Cleanse Results

As I posted last time, I started a new cleanse.  It’s called the Clean Program and it’s a 21-day program of which I have mostly kept to for the now 19 days I have been on it.  You can’t drink any alcohol, coffee, or sugar as well, you have to adhere to a strict mostly veggie and fruit diet with 2 shakes a day.  This is really part of the reason I was unable to really cook anything good to show you while I was going thru the first week and half of it.  And I say mostly kept it, because my 45 birthday came in the middle of it, and well…drinks had to be done (but I kept it to vodka with soda and lime). 

Read the manual to see how it works.  You basically have a shake for breakfast, a full lunch with the allowed foods, and a shake for dinner.  You don’t have to purchase the kit if you don’t want to, from the company, but it probably would be easier.  I chose to do it with a combination of Raw Fit for Life and the SunWarrior shake brands.  Just because I like/need variety in my diet. Also, I read the list of supplements to take, purchased what I didn’t have, and that was it.  You could easily start this in 1 day if you want to.   


  I also added Green Superfood and Ground Flax seeds every single morning to help eliminate and get extra nutrients.  If I was feeling extra hungry, I would add a tablespoon of almond butter or coconut oil (the refined version has less of a coconut taste, in my opinion).  In the morning, I tended to have my fruits and in the evening shake I had less sugar and made it more plain with a nut butter.  Also, I added a snack around 3-3:30 because I have learned that eating more speeds up the metabolism AND I just tend to get hungry at that time in order to finish out my very busy late afternoon- evening dinner, homework, showers/bath time.  (In other words, to make this enjoyable for everyone, I better have something to keep my energy from failing!).  The support is fantastic thru the Clean Team.  I emailed and called them and they were great at getting the information back to me.  I drank plenty of water, green tea, lemon juice with water and ginger or a Sujas. (which I love!!) The Lemon with the Cayenne- yum!     

Results:  I just have to say I feel so great!  I have had huge shift in my energy.  I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be.  I also want, no actually CRAVE, vegetables now.  I want to make them like 80% of my meal! I definitely lost inches and weight, but I will be honest I didn’t even get on a scale and still haven’t.  I just didn’t want the punch in my gut about how I had let myself go.  I wanted to keep it more about: “Look if I can fit into my skinny jeans we’re all good over here!” And in 10 days I could!

Physical benefits:  I felt clearer, despite the fact that I wasn’t eating 5 times a day.  It was a mental clarity that I am talking about.  And my energy was greatly improved.  I normally get an afternoon dip and it was strange by the 3rd or 4th day I didn’t have it at all.  Also, I tend to get lightheaded a lot and that went away.  My skin actually changed immensely!  It had a smoothness that I feel like I haven’t had since I was young, like all the fat underneath started to smooth out! My husband actually noticed it first and you know if a guy says something it must be REALLY noticeable!   I started the second week by adding in soups for my evening meal, which helped a lot after the first 5 days or so.  So, my 2 favorite meals out of this, so far, are these Raw Cacao Balls, which you can find here. and this Carrot Soup, find it here, which is so insanely easy to make! I promise you will love it!    

If you decide to do it, let me know what you think!



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