The Corner Pantry


This is such a great spot located in the Falls Village (b/t Lake & Falls Rd.)  I think they will do well.  They just opened on Feb. 14th, so I loved that.  The owners are young and clearly have great vision.  The decor is fresh and clean, with subway tiles and sleek stainless steel accents, a plus for Baltimore.  The food has hints of British flare, but with an American twist.  I loved the food here, and it falls right in line with my clean eating!  They have a salad bar, that they serve for you, and it has all the healthy mixings.  Chopped egg, slivered almonds or pecans, steamed broccoli, avocado, you name it, it’s there.  As well, they have a “hot” area where you add what you want, place it in a container, and you pay by weight.  They had small salmon pieces you could add to a spinach, or kale caesar salad.  I thoroughly enjoyed a chickpea salad with turmeric and just the ever so perfectly added, lemon zest.  I actually have not stopped thinking about it!  Also, I had a pistachio crusted tofu that was just as tasty.  In addition to the grab and go section, they have a nice menu of sardines (or sandwiches, as we americans call them).  I plan to go back for a second visit, to try the fresh juices (the Pimm’s cup looks amazing) or a smoothie.  I know it’s in its infant stage, but I thought why not share this great little gem- also, if not help to promote a new business that I think deserves to do well.  ♥


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