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I owe those who follow me an apology.  I dropped off my blog for a bit and without any explanation and that’s really not cool.  I mean, I should at least communicate you might not hear from me for awhile.    The winter has been brutal here on the east coast.  I mean, storm after storm, apparently almost 40 inches more than we’ve had in, like, forever. Or some say 50 years!IMG_5536 IMG_5527 IMG_5510

Which leads to a lot of the above! ;).   A lot has been going on though…I turned 45!!! (Yikes!!) ,  got a small reprieve in Turks and Caicos and got to soak in the sun- Thank GOD!  Here’s a little something for my crew that’s still covered in white.IMG_5496 IMG_5490

And I started a cleanse called The Clean Program.   I felt like I had to go in, in order to come back out for the spring.  I wish we could really hibernate and I guess I tend to do that in the winter time.  It gives me time to refocus, set up my Spring energy.  As you know, I have training in acupuncture, so I really try to embrace each season.   Winter is about going inward, into that quiet space.  It’s about getting quiet to find out what your heart is really telling you.  It’s the yin energy (of the Chinese yin/yang) and in that space you can find out what’s going on for you.  And if you don’t go inward, I mean deep inside, you have no seeds that germinate in the spring.  So, you have to get those seeds set, deeply, in the winter.  It’s time to really discover what are those deep fears, things holding you back, what is preventing you from exploding all that potential?  And then you kind of just have to sit with it…in the depths, in the quiet.  In the deepness of the winter snow, when you open the door and you really almost hear nothing.  

And then, you open the door one morning and there is a bird singing his little head off like he knows a secret is coming!!  Like he knows there is going to be a rebirth, a renewal, that those little tiny buds on the trees are giving you hope that winter cannot go on forever.  Spring is about renewal, rebirth, and re-energizing.  It’s about pushing upward and outward, just like those plants and flowers do.  Continuing on every year to shine and bloom.  It’s about creation and the creativity you have inside of you.  And that’s what I’m getting excited about, the creative piece inside of me is, again, coming out.  Maybe you can take a quiet minute, and think of things you want to create for spring, what you want to set to germinate, what is the intention you want to set.  And let me know! 



  1. Jenny says

    Love this. I’m going to start a cleanse, too! Planting those seeds to be more mindful, spiritual and courageous. xo

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